Refund Policy

We provide all subscribers with a customer portal where they can decide to cancel their subscription(s) at anytime. In regards to cancelling your subscription, you have the option to cancel at the end of your current term. To make sure you are not charged for the next billing period of your subscription, you must cancel your subscription at anytime before your next billing date. Once your next billing date comes you will not be charged if the preference is chosen before the day of billing date. Once our reports are shown that your subscription has been completely cancelled, your access to the selected premium account(s) will be cancelled immediately. Once a subscription is closed, you waive all rights to any form of refund for any transactions made with that subscription. If you would like to keep your subscription until the next billing date, which means you have set your subscription to cancel at the end of term, you will continue to have access to the premium account(s) until your subscription is reported cancelled which will be on the upcoming billing date.Please be aware that we do not offer any refunds in the event you do not cancel your subscription before your next billing date. We offer all customers a customer portal so you can view the status of your subscription in real time. It is your sole responsibility to keep up to date with your subscription and any additional purchases you make. By agreeing to our Terms, you acknowledge that you understand these conditions and are fully responsible for the cancellation of your subscription to our Services.