As many of us are aware Oculus does not support our content but has provided a means by way of a term called, "sideloading" to allow users to download the app privately to install onto your personal Oculus Go.

Setup developer mode on your device

  1. 1. Open the Oculus companion app
  2. 2. Go to Settings
  3. 3. Select your Oculus Go (make sure your Go is powered on)
  4. 4. Select More Settings
  5. 5. Select Developer Mode and enable it

Download VRsideloader on your computer

  1. 1. Download here
  2. 2. Unzip folder
  3. 3. Run VRsideloader by double-clicking the icon


Download the 360 VR Novels app for Oculus Go

  1. 1. Connect your Oculus Go to your computer via USB
  2. 2. Download the 360VRN_OculusGo.apk installation file here
  3. 3. Drag & drop the 360VRN_OculusGo.apk file into VRsideloader app and wait for the success message
  4. 4. Congrats! You can now open the app on your device from Library>Unknown Sources

Follow Steps on your Oculus Go

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Android, Google Play Store supports our app and its contents and is available in the Google Play Store from supported Android devices.

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As many of us are aware Apple does not support our content but has graciosuly agreed to allow users to download the 360 VRN VR player from it's App Store.

1. Download the 360 VRN VR Player form Apple App Store
2. Go to our website 360VRN.com
3. Select channel to view
4. Select video to view
5. Play video in VR App player

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